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Meet the face behind TEMA

Hi I’m Yanica Marie’, a young, creative and ambitious person from Malta. From a young age I always had the passion to organise events, create new things and look for the latest event trends. Over the past five years I have creatively assisted numerous people with planning their weddings or special events. My approach has ensured unique ideas, bespoke designed stationery and original decorative and floral concepts.

After successfully completing several events, I decided to start my own events organising venture. Throughout these years I have successfully assisted friends, relatives in creating truly memorable events that have left their mark on all attendees.

My motto encompasses my vision to always ensure that I am ‘turning ideas into lasting impressions’. I believe that my self motivation and attitude will always strive to ensure that anyone planning their upcoming event or wedding makes sure that their special occasion leaves their attendees with a unique memory that will last for years to come.

My unique, creative approach to events and wedding organisation is definitely not limited by any budget. I believe that my organised nature together with my experience as an accountant will ensure that my clients’ needs are adequately tended to without leaving a hole in their pockets. So rest assured that in spite of any limitations, we will work together to make sure that your dreams come true no matter how big or small your event.

So why the name TEMA?


Every creative approach must always have a governing theme which leads the creative process. Consequently, I believe that TEMA (theme in Maltese) fully encompasses this process. I therefore always seek to understand my clients’ themes and visions to make sure that each and every event is truly unique! Rest assured that no stone will be left unturned to assist you in making this event all about you!


Thanks to my theme oriented approach, TEMA aims to to continue create bespoke events, weddings, floral arrangements and tailor made designed invites that make each event truly unique.

More about me?


In a nutshell, I would say I am a young, creative, passionate person bustling with life. I am an extremely self motivated person always seeking to achieve the very best in all I do. This approach ultimately helps me impersonate my motto to alway seek to live today like there is no tomorrow!

TEMA’s vision?


My ultimate dream is to continue assisting all my clients in making their dreams come true. I believe that my resilience and creative nature will ensure that every event or wedding organised will be absolutely memorable leaving a truly lasting impression! So let us meet up and start making your event a reality!

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